Fashion Marketing Programs

Fashion marketing programs prepare students for careers in the fashion industry related to marketing, advertising and public relations. If you love fashion and have a mind for business, but maybe not so much of an artistic edge, this could be an ideal education and career path for you. It’s important to dedicate as much time and effort to your schooling and training as possible to ensure that you find the job that you’re dreaming of after graduation.

What a Degree in Fashion Marketing Can Do for You

There are many different careers that people go into after graduating from a fashion marketing program at an accredited institution of higher learning. The following are just a few of the directions this career could take you:

Advertising Agent


Event Planner



Retail/Fashion Industry Manager

Getting a Degree That Will Take You There

The minimum amount of schooling that you should consider to pursue a career in fashion marketing or a related field is an associate’s degree, which can be completed in approximately two years at a community college, technical/vocational school or online university. Many employers are only looking for candidates with bachelor’s degrees, though, which will take four years at an accredited institute of higher learning. There are four-year fashion marketing programs at design schools, fashion institutes and more traditional universities and colleges. There are bachelor’s degree programs that combine online and campus-based instruction as well.

It’s vital that prospective students make sure that their fashion marketing program is accredited before applying and enrolling. There are numerous organizations that accredit fashion, design and marketing programs, such as the Accrediting Commission for Career Schools and Colleges of Technology, Council on Occupational Education, Council for Higher Education Accreditation, National Association of Schools of Art and Design, numerous regional accrediting agencies and others.

What to Expect in a Fashion Marketing Program

Although the curriculum varies from one school to the next, students can expect to learn about the following subjects in a fashion marketing program:


Art Theory

Consumer Behavior

Fashion History

Fashion Merchandising

Principles of Apparel Design

Product Development

Public Relations

Retail Merchandising

Fashion marketing students also typically complete some sort of internship or other type of hands-on training while they’re in school, or shortly after graduation. With all this education and training, fashion marketing grads have a bright future in an exciting industry ahead of them.

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